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During pregnancy I really struggled to find a hot drink which was decaffeinated and also tasty!... I'm loving that we've found TEA REX teas now.  We asked founder of TEA REX Andrew, to tell you a little bit about the TEA REX story.  You'll find samples of TEA REX teas in your BabyLoved goody bag at our next event so be sure to tag us in any brew-pics... over to Andrew...

Founder / Andrew Walker – Why we want to change the way the world drinks fruit.

I have always been vocal about how disappointing fruit teas are, raving instead about the full flavours of coffee. This was until I tasted fresh infusions on travels, from a mighty mint tea in markets of Morocco, to soul-warming honey, lemon and ginger served in the cafes of Calcutta. Even then I saw this as an exotic treat to be savoured when abroad. It was when my wife asked if I could recreate these fresh brews at home as an alternative to a tea bag, that the penny dropped….

The world is full of herbal fruit tea drinkers who are let down on a daily basis by over-hyped yet under-flavoured cups!  We have compromised an world of amazing flavours, colours and all-round goodness into a bland and beige bag that smells of fruit, but doesn’t actually taste of fruit. This is what TEA REX is here to change.

TEA REX is the world’s first 100% fresh fruit and root infusion. 

It is made from ethically sourced raw - not dehydrated - ingredients, and goes through our unique chopping process and then HPP (High Press Process) to provide a 10 week chilled shelf life with no preservatives. 

Brewed using an innovative over-the-cup filter, TEA REX delivers all the amazing flavours and nutritional benefits of raw and fresh ingredients.

Our 2 launch blends have both recently won a Great Taste Award:

WAKEY WAKEY RISE & RAWR – A colourful yellow cup zinging with lemon, a warming earthy kick from fresh root turmeric and ginger with aromatic lemongrass... a great way for the body to start the day. 

A RIP RAWRING BERRY TIME – Crammed full of antioxidant-rich blackberries blueberries, and raspberries mixed with warming ginger root and balanced with lemon… a warming cuppa bursting with berry-ness. 

TEA REX is here to change the beige-bag status quo of fruit teas - We are on a mission to make very cup RAWR! with flavour and goodness.

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Introducing the BabyLoved Family Funhouse

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