Welcome to BabyLoved Family.   If you’re a local fun, friendly, quirky creative, I’d love to work with you! If you’re looking for a quality place to sell on your no longer needed Bump, Baby, Children’s & Mama goods, you’re in the right place!

Create Your Own BabyLoved Brand

Create Your Own BabyLoved Brand

When we think of 'barely used' Baby & Toddler Items, we think of quality, well looked after items, which have been loved and enjoyed by our families.  Babies and toddlers by their very nature, can't and don't use items for a long period of time,  consequently, so much of their 'collection of items' (bags and boxes stuffed to the brim with all manner of baby goods) so often sits in lofts taking up space.  Why not sell these items to avoid waste?... And add a few more pounds to your pot for ice creams on day trips or to fund your 'Breton Stripe T habit' (might be just us)!

Have a swipe through some of our stall-inspo images above!

The best stalls we have seen at BabyLoved, set themselves up as a little 'brand'.  They lay out their stall in an inviting way.   Some use props to help set their stall apart from the rest.  Use whatever you have at home that will help to set a scene that says "we have cared for these items".   We have seen lovely swing-tags tied on items, ribbons round clothing keeping sets together, toys set up with signs explaining that the "original box with instructions is behind our stall".  All these carefully considered details help a buyer to have trust that you've checked through all these items, you know they're in great condition and they're therefore happy to pay you for them.

The very best stalls, ensure all of their items are super dooper clean.  You wouldn't buy items which didn't look extra clean, so be critical when you sort through your own items.  Although you loved that well worn item, is it in good enough condition, that someone will want to buy it, or will it be better placed in our 'donations' bags, (we will come to this later)!  For clothing - hang up on a well spaced out rail.  Over crammed rails don't sell clothing (think more 'stylish independent boutique' than Next Boxing Day Sale).  We have trialed both ways - having everything your three babies have worn from birth to 4 years, out on one stall makes it actually harder for buyers to see what's there.  We have had far more success in selling a greater amount of items, by placing less on the stall at once.  Well spaced, and well thought out, make it easier for buyers to browse and then buy.  You can just re-stock as needed.

We always get asked about how to price items.   There is no set rule (is the short answer).  What you have grown attached to and can see the value in, others may not.  It's always a good starting point to take a second opinion from a friend if you're struggling.  We price our own items at 'the minimum we would be happy to see it leave for a new home for'.  What will save me re-packing this into the car, taking it home and having the hassle of re-selling on ebay?  If you don't want to take it home, price it to sell!  Many of our 'barely used' items sell for around half of the original price.  Some for a third of the original price.  It all depends on what the item is, are there newer models available and how common the item is.  Sometimes a new item with tags will sell for just under the original price, if it's still available in shops.   As a 'what to expect', many of our sellers who have reported back to us, have reported that they have left our events with £75-£150 (a little more if they sold higher value items like cots) in their pockets, a much lighter car and a feel good feeling - passing on lots of their no longer needed items.  

We would advise you invest a little effortinto selling your larger items.  We have trialed (and are running at the next BL event), the online 'reserve and collect' system for larger items like cots/prams/trikes/jumperoos etc.  This allows you to photograph items at home, advertise to attendees before the event on our BabyLoved page, secure a sale before the event, and complete the transaction with the buyer at the event. All without needing to even take the larger item out of your car until the buyer arrives.  It costs just £5 for 5 items which we think is pretty reasonable, and can be added to your stall booking .   Of course, if you take excellent photographs with clean, neutral backgrounds, in good light, this all helps too.   At our last event, one of our sellers sold her cot via this method, adding a further £100 to her grand total.   Other ways to sell on your higher value items - show them off on your stall (easier for smaller items).  Position them well, show them in use, place them higher up on a stand.  Anything to really set them apart from the rest of the goods.  Take photographs of larger items set up, and have the photograph on your stall (with the larger item stored behind it).  This is a real space saver!

If you have items which you don't think are suitable to be re-sold, but are still clean, useable items, which you would rather go to a really really good cause, we will also pass thee on to the Preston Women's Refuge for you.  We organise a collection for them every sale and through donating to them, you de-clutter your home of thee items sitting in boxes, you provide help and support to local women and children in need and allow the refuge to put more of their resources into helping women, rather than into funding items needed for their families.  So bring along a bag or two of clearly labelled items (to make things easier for the refuge), and de-clutter extra bits, at the same time as selling on other items.

We hope you've found some of these tips useful.   Feel free to send any questions our way.  We would be happy to help!

Grabby Hands?  We have plenty here!

Grabby Hands? We have plenty here!

Colouring Very Much Outside The Lines!

Colouring Very Much Outside The Lines!