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Sista Sista - Sorcha Does 'Sew A Lot' For Us!

Sista Sista - Sorcha Does 'Sew A Lot' For Us!

Yes - the title of this blog is a 90's throwback to the days of watching Tia & Tamera.  And there's a good reason for this... I have worked with Sorcha Sews A Lot now since way before BabyLoved began.   For very good reason.  She's my Sister In Law.  It's a bit cringe interviewing her, so I've instead just chosen to write an account based solely on my own experiences with her.  I always knew, since marrying her brother that she 'did sewing', but until Wilfie was born, I had no idea just HOW GOOD she was.  Each week she would show up with more and more gorgeous hand made clothing for Wilfie that she had just designed and created that week.  Her talents needed to be showcased, so with a bit of pushing and shoving from her Mama and me, Socks (as she is known), set up  Sorcha Sews A Lot to sell her custom hand made threads for other parents and babies to enjoy.  

Socks started her business over two years ago now and since then has gone from strength to strength.  She has made hundreds of orders, so many of them total one-off's (check out her facebook for these).  From her Etsy shop, she's able to update her stock each season with regular customers being added all the time.  Fun and fitted comfy unisex leggings in stand out fabrics being very popular.   From Number T's for Birthdays, to Initial tops, customised in gorgeous Liberty fabrics, she does have something for every taste.  From Mother's Day 2016 she introduced her first MAMA bag for sale,  Since then variations of her gorgeous MAMA cosmetic bag have evolved.  From quilted liberty, personalised with gold sparkle lettering, to waterproof lined classic fabrics, and my personal favourite - a classic polka dot bag with striped interior, customised with a simple initial.  I love how all of her bag designs always have an element of surprise, whether it be a colour popping zip, or a contrasting interior fabric.  I have special bags for the boys for their lotions and potions.  They form a lovely decoration in a nursery/bedroom as well as being functional.

My family and I all live in Auntie Socks' gear.  I would say that there's no better recommendation than that.   For the next two weeks she will be offering BabyLoved followers/readers/supporters 20% off her full Etsy shop.  Please just use the code BABYLOVED20 when you reach the payment page.  Happy shopping and please tag us in any photos of your items!! H :)

Oh and one last thing.  Our competition is running until 9pm on Saturday 29th April where you can WIN one of Sorcha's newest Liberty MAMA jumpers (featured below) and a Mama Knows UK feeding/teething necklace, and a pair of tickets to the next BabyLoved event.  You can enter on the original competition posts on our Instagram and Facebook accounts!





Poorly little people?

Poorly little people?

Grabby Hands?  We have plenty here!

Grabby Hands? We have plenty here!