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A new BabyLoved Babe!

A new BabyLoved Babe!

Me and the boys at the FunHouse event April 2019. Image by  Fish 2 Photo

Me and the boys at the FunHouse event April 2019. Image by Fish 2 Photo

About 6 months ago, I was trying to run a number of jobs, which was proving quite difficult and also time consuming. The usual Mama-juggle/dance of childcare/work/life etc. I’m a PE teacher for those of you who don’t know, and also complete some education consultancy roles. All lovely and use my profession which I’m keen to keep fresh….I’m off piste now… you get the picture.

I love the creativity that BabyLoved Family brings to my world. I also love the relationships I’ve formed through it, and also being invested 100% into every event I organise. When you put everything into each event, it makes it very hard to repeat them regularly as they literally suck all of my energy out and I need 2 weeks to recover. I get requests all the time asking ‘when will there be an event in ** Insert UK town name here ** . I’ve known for a while that I’ve wanted to expand the BabyLoved Family venture, but also known that I simply don’t have the time to spread myself even thinner to be able to accomplish this….I had a bright idea.

Images by Fish 2 Photography

So, I cast my net out into the social media sea and this is what happened…

About 6 months ago I snuck a couple of cheeky posts out onto social media to see if anyone was interested in using their sparkly organisational and social skills, and come to join the BabyLoved Family. I purposely din’t make a big deal of it as firstly, I worried that nobody would be interested.… and secondly, if anyone was interested, I wanted to make sure they were a true super babe. Someone who was interested enough to read my captions, who got the whole vibe of the event, and someone who shared all the love for quirks and quality over making a fast £10

The answer to my social media ad came a few weeks later. Welcome Shamaila! A very special new BabyLoved Babe in town.


Shamaila has all the multi tasking madness that I posses so we are a great match in those terms. She too has a load of different jobs utilising her professional skills. She’s also a mama, shes local, but more Blackburn way. She’s always been a supporter of BabyLoved Family both online and when I have worked with her as a stall holder at BabyLoved and also through the CWS Creatives. A supporter who just did her supporting to be nice. Because she likes quality. Likes supporting local and is invested in her community. My kinda gal!

So how will it work? Shamaila will have her very own BabyLoved Family Blackburn to manage. Yes there will be crossover as we are literally Lancashire neighbours. Her events over Blackburn way should spread the BabyLoved Family vibes further afield. And you know what this means? A bigger community! More opportunities for events, more opportunities for new creatives to hop in on the ground floor and join the squad of BabyLoved babes lifting eachother up within the creative, stylish, quality event space that BabyLoved Family provides.


I am so excited to get cracking with Shamaila. Well we’ve already got started don’t worry! i want to see what sort of spin she puts on her local BabyLoved Family Blackburn event on 29.6.19 and what sorts of quirks and twists she adds. It will be a huge change working with another super creative sort, taking on her ideas and using my experience to support her, but that’s what it’s all about!

Welcome to the team Shamaila!

I just hope she’s prepared to go that extra mile and climb a gate when needed in order to hang a banner ;)

Going the extra mile for my Preston Babes

Going the extra mile for my Preston Babes

Introducing the BabyLoved Family Funhouse

Introducing the BabyLoved Family Funhouse